Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Organizational Psychologist and Author

Dr. Benjamin Hardy - Organizational Psychologist and Author

I'm an author and teacher on the psychology of exponential growth and transformation, future self science, and entrepreneurship. I've written 8 books that have sold over 700,000 copies in total.

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About Dr. Benjamin Hardy

I'm an organizational psychologist and author of 8 books, including 3 with the legendary entrepreneurial coach, Dan Sullivan. As a PhD student, I was the #1 blogger on Medium.com from 2015-2018 and over that time, my blogs were read over 100 million times, wherein I grew an email list of hundreds of thousands of people. Also during my PhD, my wife, Lauren, and I went from 0-5 kids in 1 year (2018), 3 of whom we adopted from the foster system. We now have 6 kids and live in Orlando because Lauren is a Disney buff.


Books by Dr. Benjamin Hardy

My books focus on optimal strategies for healing your past, creating your future, transforming your identity, and living with intention. Additionally, I specialize in entrepreneurial leadership, strategy, and growth.

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