This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and details what I’m focused on right now. It was updated 1/30/17:

Finishing Ph.D.

I’m honored to being working with my brilliant and patient Graduate Adviser during 2017 on my Dissertation. The topics we are exploring are goal commitment and escalation of commitment. Specifically, I’m interested in how people become fully committed to something, and what occurs psychologically after they reach that point.

Professional Writing

I recently signed a book with Hachette Book Group thanks to the help of my agent, Rachel Vogel. I’ll be working with Michelle Howry, the Executive Editor at Hachette. I’ll also be working with Ryan Holiday and his company, Brass Check, on the development and marketing of this book. It should be published sometime in early 2018. Very grateful for this amazing group of people and their investment in my work.

Focus for 2017

  • Spending lots of time with my wife and kids
  • Finishing my Ph.D.
  • Writing my book with Michelle Howry
  • Making my Life by Design course the best I can
  • Writing many new articles